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eZ publish speed on MacBook Pro

I did some benchmarks on how eZ publish performs on the new Intel based MacBook Pro running OS X version 10.4.6. The PowerPC based Mac machines has really poor performance with eZ publish when I have tested or heard about tests on it, so I was excited about the results.

I did a plain installation of eZ publish 3.7.5 and did a simple ab -c 5 -n 50 and got 12.78 pages pr second. It also feels quick on normal operations in eZ publish. The new Intel based Macs are now a good option for doing eZ publish development. It is still slower than Linux, but for development and testing it is good enough.

I also did some tests with the apc.stat=0, but I did not see any performance improvement. I was hoping that this new setting would remove the stat overhead found on FreeBSD based systems, but atleast when I tested I saw no difference.

The configuration of the laptop is 1.83 GHz and 1GB ram. Running Apache 1.3.34, PHP 4.4.2 and APC 3.0.10.

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EZ publish speed

Damn! How did you get ez publish to run so fast? You website must be the fastest ez publish site in the world!